WorldSeed is a free and open source 3D OpenGL game engine written in C++ by myself and Lucas Fryzek. It was written as an entry for the 2014 Ottawa AppJam. It didn't get in. But it is one of my more interesting achievements. It hasn't been worked on in a while. Perhaps at some point I'll go back to it and give the code a much-needed refactoring. This was my first project involving OpenGL; I learned a ton. It was pretty awesome.



ZorvWarz is a top-down shooter game with online multiplayer, written in C++ with SFML. It was a winning entry in the 2013 Ottawa AppJam.


SigmaFuzz (WIP)

SigmaFuzz is a clean/SFW furry artwork aggregator and archive written in Python with the Django framework. I wrote it for fun and learning, and it has been both fun and educational to work on.



This is kind of a catch-all for radio and electronics stuff that I like to do. I design, build and tinker with circuits, mostly RF circuits. I haven't made anything particularly useful yet, but it's still an interesting subject to me.


One-Wire Temperature Grapher. Records and graphs temperature data gathered by 1-Wire sensors, and exposes a web interface. Supports high- and low-threshold e-mail alerts. Created during a work term at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute.



Python ZPL toolkit. Exposes a web interface to print to Zebra ZPL printers with templates defined in XML. Created during a work term at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute