Sonic Jump is Coming to Android!

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Keep an eye on Google Play this November; Sonic Jump is coming to Android.

Sonic Jump was announced by SEGA in early October, scheduled for release on October 18 for iOS devices. Yesterday, the game was released on schedule and it has quickly climbed the App Store charts, and is now among the Top 10 paid games in the App Store. One thing is missing, however; there has been no mention of a release for Android users in any official announcement or on the SEGA website. That changed this morning, when the game’s page on SEGA’s website was updated with a release date for the Android port of Sonic Jump.
Sonic Jump
available on
iPod touch – Out Now
iPhone – Out Now
iPad – Out Now
Android – November, 2012 
I would certainly love to be able to play this on my Android smartphone. This kind of game isn’t really suited to to the iPad, which is where I’ve had to play it for lack of an Android version.


  1. Laura

    This is a little off topic. I found you in a huge-ass thread regarding the upcoming Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed game. I’ve been finding mixed messages regarding the release date of the PC version.


    So, had the release date for PC been announced? Some sites say November 20th. Wiki says TBA. I wasn’t about to read all 128 pages of the thread.

    Since you’re buying it for PC and participated in the thread, I thought I’d ask you.

    1. Frogging101

      I’ve been following that thread for a while. S0L (the developer from SUMO who very kindly participates in that thread) has said that he can’t tell us anything until SEGA makes an announcement about it. All he can tell us about the PC version’s release date at this point, he says, is that it will be released after the console version. SEGA has not released an official release date for the PC version yet.

      If new information appears, I will post all the relevant information here on FastQuake.com, and I’m sure the good people at The Sonic Stadium will cover it too.

      Thanks for visiting my site :)

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