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Surgeon Simulator 2013 – Save Location

Surgeon Simulator 2013 logo
These steps will work for Windows only; I haven’t tried the game on Linux yet, but if I do then I will update this post with Linux instructions as well.

Chances are you found this page because you want to backup or transfer your game progress and scores in Surgeon Simulator 2013. If so, you’ve -come to the right place! Strangely, Surgeon Simulator 2013 doesn’t store game progress in a particular file; it stores it in the Windows registry. I’ll save you the trouble of mucking about with the registry editor; all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt by going to Start->Run -OR- pressing WindowsKey+R and typing “cmd”
  2. Copy in this command exactly as it is (In the command prompt, you need to right click and click “Paste”): 
regedit /E ".\ss2013.reg" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bossa Studios\Surgeon Simulator 2013\"

  1. A file called ss2013.reg will be created in the current working directory, which is probably C:\Users\[username]. The current directory is shown to the left of where you type the command, before the > symbol.
  2. You can take this file to another computer. You will likely need to install the game and run it at least once on the computer you transfer it to; after you have done so, double click the ss2013.reg file and click “yes” to the message box that comes up.

This will also copy your graphics, resolution and keymapping settings; which shouldn’t be a problem unless the game can’t deal with an incompatible resolution setting (I haven’t tested it yet with different computers, so I’m not certain as to whether or not this will cause a problem). If it worries you particularly, you can open the .reg file with a text editor and erase the first 3 registry keys from the file (they start with “Screenmanager”).

Enjoy :)

Sonic Adventure 2 HD is Now Available on Steam!

Last Friday afternoon, SEGA announced on Sonic the Hedgehog’s official Facebook page that the long-awaited release of Sonic Adventure 2 HD on the PC would be happening on Novermber 19, 2012. Today, at approximately 1:00PM EST, the game appeared on SEGA’s eStore here

Shortly after the eStore release, the moment PC gamer Sonic fans gave been waiting for has just arrived: Sonic Adventure 2 HD has just been released on Steam! It’s available for a very reasonable price of $9.99 USD. So what are you waiting for? Add it to your collection!

Sonic Jump is Coming to Android!

Sonic Jump Logo
Keep an eye on Google Play this November; Sonic Jump is coming to Android.
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Minecraft: How to change your existing world’s random seed

Sometimes you may want to change the random seed of an existing level in Minecraft. Sometimes (Like in my case), the file somehow gets corrupted and the seed is ‘forgotten’ by Minecraft, or maybe you just want to generate new chunks with a new seed.

Changing the world seed is surprisingly easy. Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how to do it:

WARNING: This may erase your inventory on singleplayer. It is recommended that you put your inventory into a chest before doing this.

Long version:

1. Create a new world in Minecraft with the seed you want. Name it whatever (In this guide, it is called “NewWorld”. (You’ll see where I’m going with this.)

2. Once the world is created, save it and close minecraft.

3. Press Windows key + R (Or go to Start->Run), type in %APPDATA% and press Enter. (If you’re on Linux or Mac just find the .minecraft folder and skip to step 5)

4. Go to the .minecraft folder in the window that pops up.

5. Now, go to the “saves” folder. In this folder, go to the NewWorld folder (Or whatever you named the world).

6. Select level.dat and press Ctrl-C

7. Go back to the saves folder. Assuming you want to change the seed of “OtherWorld”, go to the “OtherWorld” folder.

8. Overwrite the level.dat in the folder with the one you just copied.

9. “OtherWorld” will now have the seed that you used for “NewWorld”

Short version:

Make a new world with the seed you want, copy the level.dat from that world to your other world (The one you want to change the seed of). The other world will now use the seed you used for the new world.

I hope this helps someone. I needed to do this for my server today, and it worked well for me.

The Portal ARG – An Explanation

This is yet another ‘journal entry’ assingment for english class. I know I have the other blog to post these things on, but I found this entry to be important enough for me to put on my main blog.

I saw that Portal was free on Steam for about two weeks, and I immediately signed up to download it. I played it, and thought it was an amazing game. It has a great storyline, though it is a little short. I also have to admit it creeped me out a bit, with the robot that tries to kill you and all.

Anyway, I looked on Google to see if there was a sequel to continue the storyline. I found that Portal 2 was scheduled for release in Q4 of 2010 (Between October and 2011). When I read more about Portal 2, I found a site called Portalwiki, which was focused on something called the Portal ARG.

An ARG is an ‘Alternate Reality Game’ (Wiki article). Basically, an ARG is a game that takes place in the real world, and where the storyline goes is based on players’ actions. There is no AI in these games, and any non-player-characters are controlled by a developer of the game, or ‘puppetmaster’.

In the case of the Portal ARG, the developers at Valve are the puppetmasters. An important thing to remember is that the ARG was concieved by the developers, not the marketing team at Valve. This means that it isn’t a viral marketing stunt, but an attempt to extend the Portal universe to the real world. And no, GLaDOS isn’t being built in real life (Though it would be cool…)!

The Portal ARG is centered around providing information about Portal 2. The information is provided in ways that are quite hard to understand at first, but with all the players of the ARG, the information gets deciphered.

I will use the sound files that contained SSTV images as an example of what I think is the process that happens for the players to decipher the information. In the following process I will use arbitrary numbers of people as examples. This is my theory on how it all gets figured out:

Please remember that this is only my theory, and it is based on what I think. Do not quote me as if I am certain in what I am saying.

1. Valve releases the radio update with the new sounds.

2. The sounds are discovered in-game by 50 people.

3. 25 of those people post about the update online.

4. When people read that, 10 of them extract the files, and try to find their signifcance.

5. 5 of those people who extracted the files tried many different possible ways of decoding them, 3 of them tried Spectrograms, 2 of them used SSTV.

6. The 2 who successfully decoded them as SSTV post them online, and they circulate to sites like Portalwiki.

You can see above that many people will find the sounds, half of them dig deeper, and then there are the select few who go very deep, and they all try different methods to decode them. With many people trying different decoding methods, it gets done quickly. All of the people participating after step 4 are effectively playing the ARG.

Valve has released many different clues, such as SSTV images and Morse code embedded in sound files, and a fake BSOD at a speech containing code. Those are the smaller clues, there is also a BBS from which came a lot of different clues in the form of ASCII images.

The BBS number was found within the SSTV images and the Morse code. It was in an SSTV images, crossed out on a piece of paper. The BBS login credentials were found in the Morse code as well.

The above information about the ARG is to provide some in-depth background for what kind of info Valve is giving people. There has been much speculation on this information, and if there is a certain theory that proves very popular, it will change the path of the ARG. For instance, if someone suggested, based on the SSTV images, that GLaDOS was to become an elephant, and everyone thought it made sense and agreed, further speculation would probably be based on that theory.

Anyway, the post is getting long, and I hope I have provided a useful summary of what the Portal ARG is.

1200 Total Level in RuneScape

Yes, another RuneScape update. I now have a total level of 1200! I acquired this while killing rock crabs with magic. Here is a screenshot:

Click it to enlarge it.

My first RuneScape video

Today I made a RuneScape tutorial on how to get an item called the Orb of Oculus. It is my first RuneScape video. It is located here:

Milestone reached: 80 combat in RuneScape!

I have reached what many consider to be a milestone in RuneScape, and that is achieving a combat level of 80.

The message is in the chat box, bottom left corner. Also, my stats are in the box in the bottom right corner.
Click on the image to view it full size.

Runescape Charm Gathering – Opinion

I play an online MMORPG called RuneScape ( If you don’t know it, look it up. There is a skill called Summoning, for which you need Charms. I find that the Charms are very hard to gather, and it should be made easier and faster to get them.

IF I find some good ways to acquire charms, I will submit a guide on YouTube. If anyone has any ideas, please comment.